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How to carry out market research

How to carry out market research

Market research strategies Market research is crucial for any business that wants to be successful in the long run. Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources to conduct in-depth surveys and explore potential markets. This article outlines a few strategies that make market research accessible to almost anybody. There are many ways you can approach market… Read More »

Why is planning considered primary in management?

Why is planning considered primary in management?

Expert homework help at the click of a button Planning; a primary function of management Why is planning considered primary in management? Planning is the process of developing a plan or course of action which can be used to organize and define the work, resources, people, and time required to achieve the goal. Planning helps… Read More »

Roles Undertaken by Congress Persons

What exactly is the role of Congress persons? This article examines the role of Congress.  The Constitution of the United States institutes the prerequisite for Congress, that is, the representatives and senators, yet it misses to stipulate their parts and obligations (Cushman 24). The only guideline is that the members of the House and Senate are… Read More »

Financial Management

What is financial management? To understand financial management, one must first know what it is. Financial management is the managerial process of budgeting, forecasting, planning, and controlling investment portfolios and activities to achieve an organization’s desired financial goals. It’s about how a company invests its money. With this knowledge, one can see why it is… Read More »

Human trafficking and poverty

Human trafficking and poverty

Human trafficking can be termed as the contemporary form of slavery constituting the unlawful exchange of individuals for economic earnings (Merrill, 2013). Over the years,  adults and children have been trafficked in vast numbers around the United States. Human trafficking is deemed a concealed crime, with the individuals who fall victims seldom reporting the cases.… Read More »

Organizational structure and ethics

How does organizational structure contribute to unethical activities in a company? A company’s organizational structure plays a key role in shaping the ethical culture of a company. So what exactly is the relationship between organizational structure and ethics? Organizational structure and ethics go hand in hand. How an organization is structured can prevent or promote… Read More »

The pay-as-you-go pension system in Japan Vs Finland

The increase in the aging population is affecting the pay-as-you-go pension system in developed countries. Over the last few years, often an honest cry for help, the concerns about how to look after the aging population have increased. With these growing needs in mind, some countries were founded with a “Pay-as-you-go pension system” to provide… Read More »

How to plan an event

When planning an event, the people it is aimed at are called stakeholders. Stakeholders help a company get a specific thing done. They could be interested in their objectives or the company’s bigger goals. Several stakeholders should be considered when planning an event. It could be employees, clients, or business partners. If the event supports… Read More »

Maternal deprivation theory

The maternal deprivation theory is a biological approach that argues that the mother-infant bonding relationship is one of the most fundamental human relationships. This bond, or lack thereof, has important implications for development and well-being during childhood. The maternal deprivation theory was popularized in 1976 by psychoanalytic psychologist James Prescott. The theory discusses the foundations… Read More »

Criminal Psychology

Criminal psychology is the scientific study of psychological aspects of criminal behavior. There are many theories about why people become criminals, but more criminologists study its effects and then find out why. One theory is that criminals are deviants who cannot control their impulses, and another is that they are less able to read social… Read More »